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Biggest Troll Moment

Petty Officer
Feb 05, 2013
Battling my way throuhg a giant tower, getting to the top for the boss battle, find a weak boss, defeat the boss to win, i'm like yes!

Me: Oh good, finally. *starts battle*
My Companion: Gets close to sato.
Sato: Teleports across board.
*18 Minutes Later*
Sato: Low Health
Me: All my companions are dead. Time to use my best attack!
Me: Decides to buff health incase sato attacks
Sato: Uses that advantage and teleports across the board

Jan 17, 2013
well i was doing the big armada fortress in marleybone, and so i did the entire thing, then at the ned of the thing you gotta collect this item, (can't remember its name lol) but i didnt! and so i just left then when i reilized what i had done, i went back there and i had to do the whole thing again!!!! LOOOOOOOL