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Best class debate

Feb 14, 2014
I'm quite done with the debate here. In fact, there shouldn't be one at all. Buccaneers are the balanced health, balanced damage and balanced armor type group, they dish out a bunch of damage over time, Privateers, boosts, heals, and high health, Musketeers, traps, long range attacks, good health, Swashbucklers, highest damage, high dodge, and fogs, Witchdoctors, buffs and de buffs, long range attacks, good health. Stop debating please it's quite a nuisance.

Sep 24, 2011
I believe no class is exactly the "best". Each class can counter one another, Witchdoctors,Privateers and Musketeers are mostly seen in the back field either sitting behind their companions and attacking with long range attacks. Swashbucklers and Buccaneers are seen up front or as a body shield for the ,, the Swashbucklers can cloak and be untargetable therefore they can move up and attack without being hit. Buccaneers are very different, Buccaneers mostly are armored and have higher health, and they are tanking the damage. Witchdoctors can sit back and use spells on you, and the closer you get to them the closer your probably getting to their companions assuming they haven't died yet. Musketeers set up traps, so you get hurt while you are moving across the battlefield and their companions attacking. Privateers is more of a support type class. Where Privateers buff up their companions to attack either you or your companions.

Remember this are just my beliefs.

Kyle lvl 65 Swasbuckler

Aug 13, 2014
I got to say my all time favorites classes are privateers and Buccaneers. My highest one is a witch doctor but I don't really like it, so I might delete it. Rule. If anyone are then u are awesome!!

Jun 09, 2012
wiz11110 on Jan 24, 2013 wrote:
I highly disagree with you! Swashbucklers can disappear before their enemies, Do WAY more damage then buccaneers, they Sarah Steele who is way better then Kobe in all ways possible, they can jump over almost everything, and lastly, they can poison people and make them bleed. Swashbucklers for the win
Bristly Kevin
Ahoy, matie's! I see we're on the term of a HUGE debate the the moment, so lemme give ye me honest opinion. Swashbuckler's are good in strength in steath yet not good with armor, and the BIG weapon's of the fierce Bucaneer's but I say all classe's have there own tragedy as a prefer the Bucaneer because it suit's me great! Musketeers are good in gun's 'n trap's, Privateer's focus on the ''deffensive'' strategy and are more similar to Bucaneer's but there is a huge difference when it come's to the, being that same, Swashbucklers as I said focus on attacking, and stealth, Withcdocter's focus on ranged attack's on more enemies what me fellow bladed crew, with a few gun's 'n staff's, and finally my pick is the Bucaneer focusing on armor, defense, and damage unlike stealth 'n healing. So, I am making it clear to me fellow laddie's ALL CLASSE'S ARE UNIQUE!

I wish ye all luck like me

Yer war, blooded comrade, Fearful Michael Xavier, level 48 Bucaneer.

And, to those lad's who disagree, it is fine. Yet don't be rude or the sensitive one's will be com in' for ye.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 22, 2011
Oct 20, 2011
I just love how all of these players aren't even max lvl yet. Once you get to max lvl everything changes, all the classes and counter each other, if played right, but the thing is, all the classes are the best. Only because one class can do things only they can do that changes the playing field. From draining buffs, to invis, to bombs, to healing, or just pure tankiness.

Aug 13, 2014
Changin it up now, if you saw my other post then yay! I like all
of them! They are all different, and are all unique! I love all of the companions in all of the classes, and they have equal amount of fun! If you agree please YAR me!

Mar 31, 2009
witchdoctor for me personally because

kan po!
massive damage!
loads of useful talents (not saying chain lightning is good but you know)!
leeching health!
able to attack from really far range!
ability to get loads of epic talents!
summons (there not good for fighting more for defence and cannon fod)!

the list could go on forever
as for second best musket and privy are pretty good... witchdoctors with both of there talents and powers are absoulute op

all max

Petty Officer
Sep 02, 2015
Ahoy there pirates!
Personally, i think Swashbucklers or Musketeers are the best. Swashbucklers because of their damage and Musketeers because of their epic range and traps. Also, Swashbucklers get Sarah Steele, who is an amazing companion.
for the win!

Sep 08, 2015
Can some people agree that witchdoctor is the best? Attack spells, heal spells, and the chance that you WILL fizzle, is like none! i love the class, no fizzles, boosts, and you can be sure that you have all enemy hits, one enmy hit, and let's be honest, what friend would you pick, if you had to go through an insanely hard dungeon? A witch to heal, attack and just be your best bud!

Annoying Amber lvl 40 Witchdoctor and Both Game Mooshu Lover!

Witches FTW!!!!!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
AnonymousTruth1854 on Dec 10, 2015 wrote:
Can some people agree that witchdoctor is the best? Attack spells, heal spells, and the chance that you WILL fizzle, is like none! i love the class, no fizzles, boosts, and you can be sure that you have all enemy hits, one enmy hit, and let's be honest, what friend would you pick, if you had to go through an insanely hard dungeon? A witch to heal, attack and just be your best bud!

Annoying Amber lvl 40 Witchdoctor and Both Game Mooshu Lover!

Witches FTW!!!!!
While I do admire Witchdoctors ( as I play one at times ) if I had to go through an " insanely hard " dungeon, I'm sorry, but my choice would be a Privateer.
Witchdoctor healing can only affect themselves & their boosts are very limited.
All classes are winners in my book.

Feb 24, 2012
I have a 63 musketeer and a 52 witch doctor however I still think swashbuckler and buccaneer are the buest

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
Griffen Deverux on Jun 6, 2013 wrote:
Yes but we dodge and can move anywhere and use really really awesome moves
I'm pretty sure that Swashbucklers are the ones with the most dodge.

Petty Officer
Aug 30, 2014
It was hard for me to make my final decision but here is my list and reasons! Just pointing out all class are good and bad. All of the classes are unique. These are only my opinions.

1. Buccaneer Good things: Most health, and strongest gear and weapons. Bad things: Least amount of companions.

2. Privateer Good things: 2nd most health, super good healing, most companions. Bad things: One of the weakest classes. (But still strong :D)

3. Musketeer Good things: Can place powerful bombs and traps anywhere on the battle field. Bad things: Some of the weakest weapon power.

4. Witchdoctor Good things: Super powerful spells and can teleport anywhere on battle field. Bad things: Can fizzle.

5. Swashbuckler Good things: Most powerful and can go invisible. Bad things: (in my opinion) Worst gear, and lowest health AND too popular!

Belle de Bouff 65
Erin 65
Caroline Silver 24 (now..)
Molly West 17 (now..)
Scarlet 12 (now..)
Taylor Silver 5 (now..)

Sep 21, 2015
I am just saying the list, if i get 10 yars and notice, i may say why

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2013
I think Swashbucklers are probably the strongest, but I definitely like Witchdoctors too. Buccs are alright, but I'd rank them below witches. I haven't really played musketeer or privy so I can't speak for them.

Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
For Starters : Bucs and Swashbuckler to start out, easiest class to manifest and understand (Swahsbuckler is because all you do is use hidden and x2 attack basically a one hit kill any enemy that's not a boss in early worlds)

I see Musketeer and Witchdoctor medium classes, A bit more of a challenge to control, but still powerful

Privateer is my least favorite class, mainly because it's damage is pathetic and relies on companions to kill

So. I think that Is the best class

I know the health is shabby, but you can target enemies from a distance, and enemy too close? Teleport away to the opposite side of the map (I have 3 of these on my Witchdoctor (max) and I annoyed someone to death that he dced and I won with 200 health left)
But this is my opinion.

Nov 23, 2012
Invisibility ForTheWin
Nice Range
... Unique? Uncommon?
Flat-Out Wierdos
About, my band teacher used to say that when Emperor Palpatine entered the building, his presence was felt all over - so we didn't have to play The Emperor Arrives super aggressive like The Imperial March. s are like this - if they enter the room, you get what I'm saying.

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2015
The best class is whatever set of stats and weapons are easiest for you to rack up hits and kills with. If you have to hit people from a distance with ranged or do strong blows from up close with a melee to be comfortable than do whatever suits you best.

Sep 14, 2015
SneakyWolfParker on May 31, 2013 wrote:
Ermm i wont say that

Swashbucklers actually believe it or not a bit more damage, and you can agree/dissagree if kobe is good swashbuckler has there own kobe (sarah steele) they have almost the exact same stats...and cards..but imo sarah actually sarah looks a bit better than kobe ^^ and they have way more criticals i dont know what your talking about lol you were thinking of buffs..but swashes have a lot more crits tbh almost every single comment is gonna be sort of opinion based theres really no best class BUT for what your saying you were just not thinking through it :P

~Sneaky wolf parker
~Witty wolf nelson
and some more :P
Totally agree with you there sneaky wolf. Sarah Steele is my favorite companion, and she does A LOT of damage.


Cruel Connor Bowman,

Aug 06, 2014
Gonna go with Swashbuckler. Lots of damage, Amazing companions, (Sarah Steele and Fan Flanders are personal favorites) and while we may not have much health, we can disappear and double our damage in the process.

Fearless Mason- Lvl. 59

Jul 29, 2009
I'm a musketeer guy. In PvE with traps and overwatch you can win any battle within the first 3 turns and the enemy can't even touch you. Being a musketeer makes battles like the Hydra a complete joke. Also in pvp the enemy have to play on your terms. You can force your enemies to move where you want them to be. Swashbucklers and Buccaneers don't stand a chance. If they try to approach you they'll be swiftly wiped out.

Mar 02, 2013
Every class is good in their own way but I like my Musketeer. It seems like it's the best of both worlds if you know what I mean.

Swashbucklers are good for dodge/damage
Witchdoctors are good for damage
Privateers are good for health and companion variety
Buccaneers are good for health, critical strike rating, and that OP Reckless Frenzy.

Musketeers however,

I can dodge or block, and when I get below half health, Elusive 3 kicks in making it almost impossible for you to get hit.
I do really good damage (2500+ with Sky Spirit and Inferno Shot)
I have great health (3164 health)
I have great companion variety
Critical strike rating isn't far behind buccs, and you can't beat our endless amount of bombs, trickshots and agility buffs.

Oct 26, 2013
witchdoctors are good for support and if there are multiple they can be super powerful. swashbucklers have highest attack and dodge. buccaneers have highest health and defense. privateers can heal (kinda useless after moo manchu) musketeers can set traps and are ranged

Oct 26, 2013
Coldroplay on Aug 2, 2013 wrote:
My friend is a level 17 in cool ranch and he does massive damage. from 60 to 100.

He is:
Practical Victor Quinn
Level: 17
i believe that class is called pay to win. 60 is logical but one hundred means he probably bought a weapon from the crown shop or did a lot of grinding. all classes are very good except privateer the only reason they are good at all is because blast of discord