Best battle drop ever!

Jun 17, 2013
I have two, They would be:
{level 10} one day i was searching through my backpack to see if there was any better gear to equip than what i had on now, I eventually got down to totems, I found a golden skull necklace, it said hero's medal.
I looked at it and it said health +16 and it gave me a juju item card. I was so happy because i never wanted to get anything from witchdoctor class except for juju, and that was a long way into witchdoctor training.
And i was gonna use all my practice points just for juju.

My second one which is way better, this is the best drop ever the titles states:
{level 18} I was doing the battle in clarks house in cool ranch, by then i knew any drop that said an adjective then something sounding like something you would wear is a piece of gear, and something that has a name in it would be a pet.
After i finished the battle I looked at my drops, there was 2 useless gear pieces and something that said miss sadie. So then i knew it was a pet, i went into my backpack, looked at the pet i just got, and it was a 2500 crowns worth Golden Stingtail! The hottest pet in the crown shop and coolest looking all for just one easy battle!

What would be your most valuable drop so far?
It can be more than one.

Oct 01, 2010
I was working on my promotion quest for El Toro! (theme music plays) and I got this really good boot drop: Genji's Kutsu. It's a no auction, lvl 40+ Buccaneers only boot that gave +11 Strength and the Witchdoctor attack spell: Mournsong. My Buccaneer's been wearing it ever since. I think I got it on the 2nd guy you fight on that quest I actually have 3 unused training points and the only things left I'm thinking of spending them on is Witchdoctor attack spells, even though my Buccaneer's Will is only at 31/100.

See ye around the Spiral and Skyways:
Humble Jack Jackson, lvl 49 Buccaneer
Wordy Paul Jackson, lvl 9 Witchdoctor
Quick Aedan Jackson, lvl 9 Swashbuckler
Loyal Oran Jackson, lvl 9 Privateer
Connor Jackson, lvl 9 Musketeer