Award Season!

Petty Officer
May 13, 2010
Hello Fellow Pirates
Last year the MMORPG website had awards for favorite family MMO where the players voted to determine the winner. Does anyone know if they are doing that again this year? Last Year P101 came in third but no one knew about the event until the last couple of days. Had people know about it when it first started P101 would have won the award (Came within 50 votes from overtaking W101 for 2nd).

Because of Valencia 2 and the recent growth (player base) in P101 I believe that an award from the MMO community would greatly assist KI in deciding to continue the story. We all know this is a great game/community and now its time to prove it by bringing some much needed recognition to the game. Last year the event started in the beginning of January so I would assume it will be the same this year.

If they are having this award for 2016 we will need the support of everyone. If you are also part of other P101 fan sites lets get them involved as well. We each have a different reason why Pirate 101 is important to us. To ensure the game continues foreseeable future we have to do our part by bringing more recognition and recruiting. This is just another way to highlight this fantastic game