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Armadillo Awards "winners and round 2"

Sep 10, 2009
Hey it's Richard Ashthorn, I'm going to announce the winners and round 2. Oh I almost forgot Griffen won't be here. He got a pretty bad pvp injury so he won't be here for a while. Anyways here are the results. For the best starter companion its (no surprise to me) Subodai. The best tavern companion is (again no surprise to me) Sarah Steele. And the presidio companion was Dead Mike. The final category is the best storyline companion and the winner for this category is (oh my what a change of events) Bonnie Anne. So there you have it the winners of round 1. Now the next categories are the best world, best pet (armadillo, chameleon, jackalope, skarekeet, and the dragons), best armada elite, and the best npc (one-eyed Jack, captain Avery, Catbeard, the little kittens in the old boz orphanage, and Shunzang)

(Before I forget we were a bit busy with other stuff so we had to post later then expected)

See you later

Richard Ashthorn level 64