Armada Companions???

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 19, 2014
Ok so i've been having these ideas about armada companions. Yes, I know they're on the dark side, but what if some armada soldiers have not turned evil yet and we could recruit them as a companion? But i'm not just talking about armada soldiers and marines, maybe even Rooke for buccaneers, Deacon for musketeers, Phule for witchdoctors, etc. Anyone else agree that the team should do this?

Cute Stuff Commoner
Apr 15, 2010
Although that this is a great idea Blind Mew said that he's against the idea for now.

Kai Sawkins

Dreamy Dreamer
Mar 24, 2013
Long story short, clockworks according to blind mew in order for a clockwork to work properly. It should be vicious, cunning, ruthless and lack of any emotional empathy ( feelings ) of any kind . Clockworks are currently too dangerous to recruit as our crew member, in my opinon.