Are you representing your own class?

Oct 12, 2010
Are you representing your own class? Do you wear your class colors? Do you have classy things? If you don't I suggest you get them! I just want to say, it looks really cool when you're wearing class colors!

Honey Buncher
Nov 03, 2012
At the beginning of the game I chose my flag colors to be white and blue then I picked privateer. I did this by accident but it's good because I am representing my class.

Jun 27, 2013
Yes, I am. When I buy new gear, I always go an dye them, purple and green. Even my ship is painted witchdoctor colors.
Too bad, at the beginning I chose orange and red colors, being a reckless simpleton choosing random things. My companions don't represent my class that much. So, I really want a flag dye shop and a companion color clothing shop.