April fools mount RP

Jan 22, 2013
In celebration of KI's latest gag I thought we might as well have more fun then they intended. So here's what you do, you put a scene from mp and the holy grail and put it into pirate101, I'll start
In monquista city in the royal palace, I'm with Gaspard Bonnie ratbeard and hawkules
Jack to gortez "... So that's what I think you should do about the whole banana seed thing"
Gortez " interesting but will it work."
Ratbeard "if it doesn't we could just blow them up."
Bonnie "or we can stop "improvising" with a cannon"
Hawkules "well my father would call all of this baloney ... Did you know my father is Zeus?
Everyone YES!!!
*monkey announcer rushes in* monkey announcer "king two dogs have come seeking the holy drinking bowl.
Gortez "bring them in"
Dog1 "we come seeking the holy drinking bowl, have you seen it?"
Gortez "we already got one"
Gortez whispers to Jack." I told him we already got one."
dog2 may we see it.
Gortez" no but it's very nice now go away"
Dog1 we will not go until we see it.
Gortez go away or I shall taunt you, you silly English pig dog.
Dog 2 that wasn't very nice.
Gortez "your father was a hamster and you father smelled of monkeyberry.
Gaspard "I think you would be thinking of my parents."
Jack "I thought you were a guinea pig?"
Gaspard. 'My mother was 2/3 hamster and my father liked to garden.
Ratbeard. That explains allot, the way you always roll around.
Bonnie, shut it you git.
Dog 1 um were still here.
Gortez go away or I shall scratch in your general direction.
Dog 2 no
Gortez you want me to do it again?
Dog 2 not really. But we want to see it.
Gortez okay but first you have to solve the banana seed debate.
*dog 1 and 2 look at each other.* dog 1 RUN AWAY!!!
Hawkules runs after and his shouting could just be made out in the distance "wait I didn't get to tell you my father is Zeus!!!"
Ratbeard now can we blow the up?
Everyone looks at ratbeard, Jack sure why not.
Gaspard the monquisition will never expect it. Bonnie they will if they know ratbeard is involved
Ratbeard what it's not always my answer. Bonnie when the gun powder and explosives room door was stuck you said we should blow it up. Ratbeard your point is? Bonnie I don't have any idea anymore.
*kobe runs In.* hey guys, I heard this great joke here it goes, what burns besides witches? Everyone, MORE WITCHES!!!
This is my first roleplay so it might be a bit bad, but I hoped you liked it. Feel free to comment or just make another. Bye.

-Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
( arrow flies through air ) Whizz, thump!
"Message for you, ma'am." said Lt. Springer, as he slumped to the ground.
I removed the tightly rolled scroll from the arrow and read:
"Please help! My father has locked me in the North Tower of Swamp Castle!"
"Brave, noble Springer! You shall not have died in vain!"
"Actually, I'm not dead, ma'am."
"Then you shall not have been mortally wounded in vain." I said.
"I think I'm getting better."
"Be quiet or you'll be stone dead in a minute."
Lt. Springer decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and kept his big yap shut.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Clockworks: Deacon, we have caught a witchdoctor! May we burn her?
Silver Isis: I'm not a witchdoctor, I'm not!
Deacon: But you're dressed as a witchdoctor.
Silver Isis: They dressed me like this!
Deacon: Did you?
Clockwork # 1 : We may have, a bit.
Clockwork # 2: A bit, yeah.
Clockwork # 3: She turned me into a mander!
Everyone looks at him in astonishment.
Clockwork # 3: I got better.
Deacon: What else do you burn besides Witchdoctors?
All clockworks: More witchdoctors!!
Clockwork # 1: Libraries?
Clockwork # 2:Orphanages?
Clockwork # 3: W-wood?
Deacon: Very good, now how do we prove she's made of wood?
Clockwork # 3: Build a Dreadnaught out of her!
Deacon: Ah, but can we not build a Dreadnaught out of Chromium Steel? What also floats on water?
Clockwork # 1: Paperclips!
Clockwork # 2: Peanuts!
Clockwork # 3: Cherry tomatoes!!
Kane: A watermole.
Everyone is amazed by his obvious intellect.
Mormo: Mormo glad to volunteer. Mormo help his captain, ate much Jonah Town Chowder. Mormo very gassy.
Deacon: To the scales!
They weigh Silver Isis and Mormo, They are very disappointed that Silver Isis seems to be much heavier than Mormo. Deacon jabs Mormo in his stomach. Mormo belches.
Slowly the scales adjust, Silver Isis now weighs slightly less than a watermole.
Deacon shrugs: Close enough, Take her away!
All Clockworks: A Witchdoctor!!!