any thing funny?

Jan 22, 2013
has anything funny ever happened to you? have you seen anything funny? just to get started and before "someone" (not naming who) might mention it, at beachhead during the blind mew party I ran into a wall, I kept running thinking the door would magically reappear...I didn't. okay I got that out of the way and can finally breath. okay I got some more
1 the monkey baroness was just looking at her nails, when WHAM she gets hit in the head with a giant sword. my compliments to the ophidians for making me laugh
2 hawkules after a kill, he tries to balance his stick (don't tell him I called it a stick) on his hand but all he gets is a asprin to balance the pain.
3 me dressed up like a dancer in the mooamori clan hold. it brings out the stupidity inside me...not that it showed from time to time anyways
4 as I stated before on central (im on there now) remember the costume party? I wanted to go as a battle angle got the wings and everything all I needed was the battle angle array, I farmed FOREVER for them, never got them in time. after the party I farmed rooke, first try guess what I got? the battle angle array -_- not funny to me but probably funny to you (your welcome to add this one in your list. I don't mind)
5 when doing the labyrinth I cant remember who said it but before the second minotaur fight a companion said "and as smart as your brother" it made me laugh
6 cant forget this, my puns and easter eggs and the pirate help pirate thread (php) it can be found in the tavern one or two (maybe three I'm looking to put it up front again) check it out it could help you! also your welcome to come and help me put puns and easter eggs there to, I would appreciate the help making people laugh)

so that's it for now feel free to join!

-jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

May 31, 2009
When I received my MooShu skiff at the end of the Motherlode Mine dungeon, I nearly died of laughter. You know how the box pops up on the right side of the screen? Well, it pops up and says, "You Commandeered HAPPY RAINBOW." I had two emotions at that point.
1. Seriously!?!?! Happy Rainbow?? I am not flying around in a ship named Happy Rainbow, no thank you, no way, not for a thousand Crowns!!!!
2. LOL this is sooooo funny!!! I wonder what people would say if they saw this? Oh my goodness this is just great!!

So yeah, that happened. Also-

I did CR as fast as I could, and didn't bother picking up many side quests since I wanted to get through as quickly as possible. When I got to MooShu, I realized that I was having way too much trouble, and each battle was knocking out my Companions. So, I went back and grabbed all of the side quests that I could find. Going back a little, I need to mention that my Bison Galleon is named Stormy Sky, and that I'm a Swashbuckler. So, there I am, side questing, and I find this tomahawk in a cave. Bonnie Anne suggests that we go to the Bison Village. I do that, and whoever I talk to tells me about this Bison guy named, you guessed it, Stormy Sky. I recruit him, and now I have a ship and a companion by the name of Stormy Sky.

How's that for ironic?

-Misty Jackson, level 53 Swashbuckler