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An Idea...

Sep 21, 2014
Ahoy! Fellow pirates I bring to you today a long lasting request of mine and of probably many others as well for ki to further implement into Pirate101. Lets talk about marks... When you set a mark you can teleport to it obviously, but many quests require going back and forth between two NPCS or places/areas and it is a drag to go back and forth since you only have 1 mark. With this system, either a maximum of 2 marks at once be added into the game or the option for when you teleport to your mark, it leaves a mark where you are currently standing, kind of like When you Port to Skull island, it leaves a mark at your current location if you don't have one set already. And don't get me wrong, i dont think im the only one who has attempted to place a mark whilst in motion of my mark of teleportation being set through as i teleport to that location. In simple form, i believe most of the pirate community would love and enjoy the opportunity to have more than 1 mark set at once or an automatic mark setter.
Please support this topic for KI to hear us!