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An enemy's return?

Oct 16, 2012
Well, after looking at the new newsletter for July, and after admiring the backstory to Mustang Sally, and after laughing at Chrissy's "bunnycorn", I got to the bottom and saw Moo Manchu with this title and prhase.

How Nefarious!

"No one who insults Moo Manchu goes unpunished! I have brought you here, pirate, to suffer! Let the suffering begin!"---Moo Manchu, as if we haven't insulted him enough.

I believe that the mysterious tower drawing in energy in Mooshu houses Moo Manchu, meaning we get to face him again! However, he will FALL under the might of my unrelenting advance of companions, no matter how many floors I must traverse to kick his tail again! But, this leaves one to the heck is he alive after we defeated and possibly killed him in the Tomb of Cow Cheng? And what is he doing in that tower that requires SO much dark energy? As our favorite message board cat would say:

"That would be telling......"----Blind Mew, well rounded nefarious, insidious kitty cat, as coined by Ratbeard.