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An analysis of the Beast Companion changes.

Feb 12, 2015
So, as I'm sure everyone knows, the creepy crawly critters that were the Beast Companions have received an upgrade. Now, instead of being completely pointless, they might actually be worth at lest the Crowns you paid for them. I am fortunate enough to have Nikeeta and El Tiburon, owning them for my unknowable reasons (AKA I bought them because they looked cool and I really wanted a murder bird), so I would like to present my thoughts on the revised monsties.

The general rule of thumb appears to be that all of the Beast Companions have acquired 1 new Epic Talent and 4 new talents. This may not sound like much, but this alone has raised their power noticeably.

Furthermore, all of the Beasts have obtained a new power. Feeding Frenzy is a power that essentially acts like a standard attack, except that the attacker recovers 50% of the damage dealt. Seeing this power for yourself, it may not look like much. However, it could benefit greatly from abilities that boost the beast's dominant stat (such as Whale's Might), or Mojo (such as Old Scratch's Mojo Flow abilities.) This could turn it into a punishing blow that also recovers a chunk of missing HP.

Feeding Frenzy is present on all the Beast Companions. The Witchdoctor Beasts (the Batacuda, Sky Snake, Scorpius, and the Crokagator) all gain this power once, while Madclaw and El Tiburon have two copies.

Nikeeta is a little special. Our friendly little murder parrot only has one copy of Feeding Frenzy, but she also has gain an Epic Strike (Because any enemy can be felled by a metric ton of bird droppings). This is actually very significant, because Nikeeta has no Relentless and the only way to combo hits is with her Blade Storm.

My personal verdict? This was a very, very good addition. The Beast Companions now have some measure of power to them, at least making them worth their small Crowns cost. I feel that this is the best they could have come out, and I will not be asking for any more or less out of these changes.