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after days of trying we got it

Gunner's Mate
Nov 21, 2010
a couple of days ago my friend Dante got the nefarious nova blaster he said he was really excited he got it
it looked really cool and so i went on my quest to get the nefarious blades and a day or two later i got it i beat a privateer max level with the blades there was only a problem it was supposed to give black fog instead it came with walk in shadows it made me a lot more deadly in 1 vs 1

thank you kingsisle for these special weapons

Darling Mark Bristol level 65 with nefarious blades

Jun 26, 2010
Congrats too ye and yer friend mate, well done.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2011
Ha ha I am enjoying my novablaster mark