After Aquila Ideas

Nov 04, 2012
Polaris plot: Napolenguin knows another way to get to Valencia without being noticed. to find him you must complete his puzzle which will lead you to a the 5th piece of the map but first you must help the Polar Bears, Walruses, and Penguins from the White Crown Gang's leader
Skull Island Part 3: Floatasm is in Chaos! You need all the help you can get to form an alliance to stop the chaos... and the Return of a familiar face!
Cool ranch Part 3: the Bison know where the 6th piece of the map it went with Blazing Cliff a Black Storm member who used the Ghost train to the Castana Ranch Skyway which is 100 miles away from cooper's roost and calm the careless tribes of bison, chickens, and Horses.
a new one Xearnex(like Avernus but a ship is there): Help an old friend escape from angered dream turtles for he has the last piece your looking for.
And Finnally... El Dorado: you finally got to the gold and Kane reaveals a shocking secret that'll possibly scar you for life forever!