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Actually Disappearing Ghost Chicks?

Jun 18, 2013
I have seen it several times in the game: Ghost Chickens. It seems like it would be a regular part of the game in Haunted Skyway, right? Well i would guess WRONG because they actually are not used in ANY quests. The first time you see it is in the Old Jailhouse, at the final boss of Tumbleweed Skyway. It seems normal, but when you get close, they disappear and dont re-appear until you move back like 40 feet. To be completely honest, it kinda creeps me out. Is this just a joke made by Kingsisle, or is it some kind or reference to something. or is it just to give us an early taste of Haunted Skyway? i really would like to understand the backstory of this, If any Moderators could explain it.

Bringing a flashlight, Cunning Duncan Windlass, Level 46 Privateer

Jan 22, 2013
I may not be a moderator but I think it's just a decoration. And maybe a early taste of haunted skyway. Again probably for decoration. There several in the mother load mine. There's the one outside were the cart is. There's the little kid one in the little outreach, and another in one of the side tunnels. Im pretty sure there's more but idk. They don't seem to do anything but disappear so there just a decoration that looks cool (and yes a little creepy)

-Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer