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Achieving Maximum Damage.

Oct 26, 2012
So, I think the record for damage is 6000+ as of now. I wanna beat that and devise a plan to do so. Here I go.


Classes Needed:
-Max Level Privater (3 needed, will pe players 1-3)
-Max Level Swashbuckler (1 needed, will be player 4)

Enemies Needed:
-One volunteer who will send a companion as test subject. Companion will not attack the privy and swash team.
-Chose companion must have very low or none of the following stats: (armor, resistance and dodge, agility)

Place of Testing:
-Spar Chamber, empty realm.

Gear, talents and weapons needed:
-For Privateers: 2 pieces of equipement providing sky spirit buff. Rest of the fields does not matter.
-For Swashbuckler: Blades of shade, full crown shop gear for max level, and must invest training points in privateer talents only.


Privateers use sky spirit
-Enemymoves unit into range.
-Swashbuckler hides

Round 2:
-Privateers use other sky spirit
-Swashbuckler does grand shadow dance.

Round 3:
-Privateers use enduring discipline
-Swashbuckler does shadow dance

Round 4:
-Privateers use discipline (trained from commodore parry
-Swash gets assassin strike ready.

Round 5:
-Privateers use all thier +25% rough boost.
-Swashbuckler attacks weak subject with assassin strike.

Petty Officer
Sep 24, 2013
I'm totally game to try this out. I only have a max Swashbuckler though, so I can volunteer as that or send a companion to meet his or her doom. Feel free to talk to me about it on Central, since there's no waiting moderation there.