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About to Begin Port Regal

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013

So I just defeated the Duck of Death, and it was glorious. I had promoted Old Scratch beforehand, and he's so amazing. He has Mojo Echo 2 and IMB 2. I'm so pumped to promote all my other companions! But there's only one problem.

LITERALLY ALL OF PORT REGAL. As of now, Shy Malcolm Gunwale is firmly planted in Tierra Primata Skyway and is not leaving until he defeats those stupid monkeys!

Uh, no offense Monkey King. Different kinda Monkeys we're talking about here..

So, uh, yeah. I'm formally requesting a bit of help defeating De Monte ships and then doing the rest of Port Regal tomorrow. My pirate is Shy Malcolm Gunwale. If anyone wants to help, please reply to this topic. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this! I'm gonna switch on over to Owen for the rest of the night.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Pvt. Shy Malcolm Gunwale, Level 30 Duke of Ducks