A pet's main stat

Dec 18, 2012
Yo there, wanna to know wich stat is mainly used from a pet and so take profit from your class buffs for this? I have some infos for you, although i don't have all pets .

Armadillo Verde - strenght
Celestial Dragon - Will
Imperial Lion - strenght
Tawny Turtle - Will
Tribal packs pets (scrimshaw drake, bone snake, scorpion) - agility

Feel free to add/adjust your infos to this threadh, i think it is useful to know wich stat govern our pets :); for to discover this i used Juju spells ^^.

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Good information to be aware of, but I dont think it will be much of a factor in battles.

Most players are going to buff for their own character, and companions.
Pets are basically "extras", I cant think of a single situation that I would buff based on my pet.

Thanks for sharing!

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