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A New Era of Companions

Jul 26, 2009
Hi everyone!

I guess that you've all noticed, especially with the new Grizzly Pack, that companions are gradually getting access to more and more powers and talents, often ones that no one else can use (Bonnie's stock assault, the Beastmaster, etc.). So, I think that when the new update is released that trend will not only continue, but we'll start seeing abilities we haven't even imagined yet. As such, I have two requests to make regarding companions. First, please make more witchdoctor companions! Aside from Old Scratch, the only class that actually gets a decent number of witchdoctor companions are witchdoctors! It's one of the most versatile classes in the game, and the majority of players don't have access. Second, I would very much like to see a privateer companion who really lives up to his or her name. Gracie was a start, but I think we can go further. Giving a companion "The Big Guns" or maybe a critical buff would be fantastic!

All that aside, I really do think that the Grizzly Pack companions' powers won't be unique to them forever...

So, post a reply with what powers you (realistically) would like to see in a companion, or even better, what new epic talents and abilities!