A job at KingsIsle

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
So this is one of my few yet meaningful questions for KingsIsle- how exactly would I get a job with you guys?

Not that I want to yet- still have a few years of school and College to go through. But I just sort of want a job as an artist for the games. But first I have a few questions I'm sure many people out in the Spiral are wondering about your company.

Now I know you guys work in Texas, and I'd love to visit someday (I plan to make it a vacation for the future), but for now I need to know a few things.
1) What are your departments? With such a huge and expanding company, I expect that you have multiple areas of work. For example, do you have areas in the company offices for Pirate101 and Wizard101? Is the building split into two sides, with you Message Board Lords dashing from one to the other?

2) What's the best college for me to go to in order to become a game designer and artist for KI? I mean, there are loads out there, but being an artists isn't exactly a money-making career- so a good art degree is a little hard to come by. Where should I go to get one?

3) Well, obviously Wizard101 has a bit of... higher quality art. Not that P101's bad, but Wizard101 has a few more pixels, is a bit more articulated, and has the better graphics of the games. So what would I need to do to work for either game? And who would be my boss? Not that I need an actual name in real life, but I would enjoy having the knowledge of what sort of things they're into...

Well, that's basically it, but I thought these were all good questions plenty of people would be wondering. So please, Ratbeard, Jack, Anne, whoever wants to answer me, what are the necessary requirements to become a member of the KingsIsle Support badge club?

Hi! It sounds like you have a bright and colorful future ahead of you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future career choice.

While I can't talk specifically to your question, there is a great post on the Wizard101 Message Boards that may help give you some additional insights:


For paid positions, all our currently open positions are listed at http://www.kingsisle.com/jobs .

All applicants must:

• be a minimum of 18 years old
• hold a college or university degree in their field of expertise
• be able to work in the USA effective immediately
• meet the qualifications of the position posted

We do not offer intern or volunteer positions.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*