A guide to pack buying

Dec 11, 2010
I am sure that most of us have seen those card pack companions and wished they had one. But unfortunately not everyone can spend so much crowns on them :(

Luckily though there is another way

Everyday you can earn 100 crowns for getting a good score on the trivia pages on KI games.com (10 per triva quiz)

Doing the math that is 700 if you do it every day for a week. Or in other words, 1 free pack and 301 crowns.

Then the next week is even better, if you saved up that 301 crowns you will be able to buy 2 packs using the excess crowns. (1 pack from the week, plus another using the extra crowns left over) Very handy indeed

True it takes a bit of determination and some triva quizs and a bit of patience. But once you get a companion or item in the pack you want, it would be all worth it.

I hope that you all have good luck with your packs and enjoyed this little tip.

P.S. To go alongside that new armor you might have got from the pack, you can use the extra crowns to stitch the desired look/stats to another item.