a companion question

Dreamy Dreamer
Dec 11, 2010
alright so i have 1 gift card companion ( shark companion from cutthroat bundle ) and a treasure map companion ( ninja pig )
when i redeem these ones what level will they be?
just curious

Honey Buncher
Sep 08, 2008
Any and all companions that you buy or recruit by redeeming will be at either your level, or 2-3 levels OVER your character.

When I redeemed my cat companion at level 1 (With the boochbeard bundle) it started as level 3, I believe.

I never got a chance for a Ninja Pig companion.

Oct 22, 2011
Be Mine Beginner
Sep 06, 2009
One or two levels over, When I was level 10 my Ninja Pig i got from my map was level 11