A Christmas Roleplay w/ Sisters and Spies

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
Alright, before I start, lemme make something clear. The six, (yes, I said six) characters, no sisters I should say, all have different personalities, so here they are:

16 year old Kara is an intelligent Swashbuckler, and always seems to have something witty to say, but has a habit of "zoning"
Abby, at 15, is also a Swashbuckler, but as a bit more on the adventurous side, isn't as good as her older sister at being sneaky
True to her Buccaneer nature, 13 year old Gail is tough, (and stubborn) and is almost always seen with arms crossed
12 year old Mary is shy and quiet for her age, and is usually seen with Madame Vadima, practicing her Witchdoctor skills
11 year old Frances is a well trained Privateer, despite her being deaf. She is a whiz at navigating, and almost always finds herself at the wheel of a ship
Finally, 10 year old Jenna is, carefree, you might say. Which is why she is usually left home because the other sisters are worried she might ruin something. But other than that, Jenna is a humorous Musketeer, and can always see the bright side of a situation.

Now, enough about characters, let's get writing!

Kara sat in her room, staring off into space like she usually did, when Jenna ran in.

"Kara! Kara! Look outside! It's snowing!"

Kara blinked and "woke up", then looked out her small window and smiled.

"You're right, Jenna," She said. "Now, can you tell me what day it's almost?"

"Christmas! It's almost Christmas!" Jenna squealed, and danced out of the room humming her favorite Christmas song.

Dashing through the skies, in a ship so bright and blue
Santa's ship is comin', ain't that so true?
He'll be here with toys, and yum for all of us
So don't you cry, and don't you whine,
And just don't be a wuss

Eventually, Jenna was out of earshot, and Kara sighed. She had promised to take Jenna sailing to MooShu to see the decorations, but that was before she had gotten the next piece. Now the Armada was tracking her down furiously, she couldn't risk putting her younger sister in danger! The Armada could be anywhere! Kara sighed again, Christmas was supposed to be a holiday, and now the Armada had even taken that away.

Kara sat up straight, a thought forming in her head. If the Armada could take her Christmas away, what else could they do?