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A better you in Valencia 2!

Gunner's Mate
May 17, 2015
There are an army of posts complaining about how difficult Valencia 2 is

So without further adieu I bestow upon you!

SpellBinder's guide to a better you in Valencia 2!

1.Your companions are key and you can't win fights alone, but sometimes your El Toro just winds up on bedrest too easily, Bonnie Anne is absolutely amazing against the enemies in this expansion, she can lower dodge with scatterblast, reduce accuracy with Overwatch 3 and has a heal to keep anyone on her team alive, watch her rip through battles next time you are not on good terms with the Tortlelinis

2.Stat buffs, and to be more specific: Will, Agilty and Strength
The enemies critical like crazy especially the ophidians in the quarry cave so what you need is some off class buffs, if your going up against the ophidians use a whales might from dropped gear. Royal Guards denying you access? Train Sky Spirit from Ol' Fish Eye and show them a thing or two when they struggle to critical

3. The best defense, is defense! (as Arnold would say on those lame Mobile Strike ads) carry revives, absorbs and valors fortresses, use everything you have to protect your companions!

With following these tips Valencia 2 isn't actually hard insanely hard once your past the enemies vicious charges, I wish you the best of luck against the Armada!

Petty Officer
Nov 22, 2010
First things first, you're right. Those Mobile Strike ads are incredibly lame. Anyway, moving on. A lot of your points were solid, except you can't train sky spirit. I also would have added Blood's robe to the gear, but other than that, spot on information. To sum it up, Use Bonnie, don't be that upset if Toro bites the bullet, play defensive, and use your buffs.

Ever awaiting the Rockin' Outfit in P101,
Matthew Walker
Matthew Taylor

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Great tips, Darius and HoodooNerd! They'll surely help some fellow players out as they combat enemies throughout Valencia.

One thing to add...

If you have been lucky enough to obtain Captain Blood's Jacket...use those flames at will! Even with the ramped-up difficulty, those Blood Flames can leave a wake of ruin in their path, sometimes taking out 2 enemies before they even get to "critical" range on your crew. Oh and take time to manage and use your doubloons! I'm at the final showdown with Kane and I think I've lost a total of 6 companions (Pete twice), with a couple being lost due to boneheaded moves on my part. And I owe it big time to that Bloody Captain, lots of Critical-inducing stat-buffing, and some decent doubloon management. But yeah...those blood flames really help turn the tide in battle. Use some Spell Power doubloons, Old Scratch's buffs if you so choose or any other means to increasing the damage the flames do. I didn't use Scratch and the flames still more than did the job...when they showed up.

Thanks for the great tips and suggestions!

Dec 28, 2012
My strategy has changed greatly because of Valencia part 2

Before: Buff every now and then, and focus on one enemy at a time.

After: Round 1: Either use Blast of Discord or agility/ dodge buff, have Toro Espiret de Corps, have Bonnie use her multiple hit to lower accuracy and do a small amount of damge, and have Contessa go hidden.

Round 2: I use the power I didn't use last round, Toro and bonnie hit the lowest health enemy (unless Contessa can finish them off), and have Contessa attack an enemy who she can either one shot with assassin's strike or come close to one shotting.

Rounds 3 - The Final Round: Focus on one enemy, and rinse and repeat until the battle is over. (If an enemy is at low health, I usually send someone to kill them)

Mar 24, 2013
The targets there in Valencia 2, got a lot stronger and smarter than previous worlds. That mean they do a lot of chain attacks, like blade storm relentless 2 combo and if not prepared, it will not only make or break you mind and body but meta psychically too ( your will as a player ).Here is a 4 tips for those solo alot, like me.

1.Farm a boss with good drop repeatedly, such boss as Captain Blood, Nefarious 5, Moo Manchu, the Fair Sand, Deacon, Goretez etc. If you have the time and most cases lucky enough. Thire awesome gear is yours to keep,like Captain's Blood jacket, Fair Sand's ax etc. That would ease the battle in Valencia 2.

2.If you did enough pvp, farm enough scrips, the best to get more scrips is the smuggler arena,if you have it use those scrip gears and raise some power. ( have to g rated posting )

3.No pvp gears ? Captain blood didn't " gave " you that jacket that you need ? Have your companions speard, have at least one like Xena, Bonnie Anne etc. Be sure train Overwatch,Burst fire 2 and double tap 2, to lure some of the target.If your character is ,that's good for multi ranged attack

4. Here is my mistake, don't stand still in one spot keep your pirate and his/her companion moving.Once they did a mob attack,well you will find out ,for those yet to enter this world. I know how that feel.

hope these tips help, please don't Nerf this world, the only thing that I mind are annoying glitches.

Sep 21, 2014
tbh. everyone can agree with me on the fact of the matter for any buccaneer companion or contessa Argento getting slaughtered by the unicorn guards, *shiver*