1st person combat

Sep 10, 2009
Hi peeps Richard here I would like to talk about 1st person view during combat or just walking around. A lot of games are doing 1st person view and Kingsisle hasn't done 1st person yet it. Think about it for example when your Bonnie Anne you can see through a scope and see what it looks like and if your a highlander you can see the screen rolling due to the flip, or when your about to get hit by a critical attack and the person jumping towards you.(this might disturb you) Also an Armada's halberd slicing through you. And in pvp if another player has Catbeard in their team you can watch your self get hit by pickled herring in 3D! And that brings us to the end of this conversation and until then..
Richard out. Oh and be sure to tell this to the 1st PERSON you meet <dong dong dssh> Thank you I'll be here all night. (Griffen Devereaux came up with that).

Richard Ashburn level 59
Griffen Devereaux level 58