12 Days Of Christmas Is SO Fun

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I just wanted to complement the team at KingsIsle that came up with the 12 Days Of Christmas idea. It is just a blast to be on the receiving end of your generosity. I just love that tickle of excitement when I get that notification that I am going to get another surprise present from you guys. Once again I am transformed back to when I was a little kid and have been handed something magical that could be just Anything and it is just for me. I know that Christmas isn't about just the gifts, it's about the giving and you guys sure are masters at doing that.
Your half off sales are such a wonderful gift also for me to finally get that bundle that I have been putting off and it also allows me to give in to my giving heart and be able to bless others when my budget normally would not let me. You, the wonderful elves at KingsIsle, have this blessing and giving thing Solid.
This pirate/wizard is beyond grateful and is privileged to interact with such a team.

Jul 27, 2012
I completely agree, Chrissy. All the surprises were so very much fun -- and the gift of crowns at the end was totally unexpected and a delight! Anne Radcliffe, swashbuckler, was glad to be able to put her gift present under her tree (she wants to be sure to have presents for her loyal and beloved companions) and have some cash to support said companions and ship. Anneke Nightingale, witchdoctor, wrote a note:

"Dear Santa Frog,
I didn't know there was a Santa Frog until Pearl told me about you, about how you give gifts to good pirate girls and boys. You are one magical Frog, for certain. Thank you especially for my candy cane staff. It is really cute and I love it."