Sweet Talker
Jan 18, 2013
I am sure that there will be another 101 sooner or later, does anyone have any ideas? Maybe Ninja101 or Knights101. There are so many different kinds of 101's we could come up with. I am so glad my brother found out about W101 otherwise I wouldn't be posting this right now. Thank you KI for these 2 amazing games, keep surprising me.
Brave Bradley Barclay, (P101) Bradley Ghostbreeze (W101).

Sweet Talker
Apr 30, 2011
Hmm, we've had Pirates, and Wizards, what else is a common thing? Cowboys?

Oh well, I'm sure it'll be awhile anyway. Wizard101 was released in 2008, Pirate101 was released in 2012, quite a large gap there.


Dreamy Dreamer
Feb 11, 2010