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Future Predictions on Kane Valencia pt.2

Feb 19, 2013
I have been reading some of the forums on how people think pirate101 will continue and i have gathered my own predictions on this.............If you actually listen to what Kane says after he kills his creator he says something along the lines of "I was built by human hands and i must become a full machine" being this also if you have seen how the game so called "Ends" Queen is still alive being this Kane also said he had his pieces of the El dorado map and all of predictions is that Queen will find El dorado herself and bring Kanes broken body and recreate him as one of the golden giants briefly spoken of when you talk to Gazpaccio (hope i spelled that right)
and Kanes dream was to be a full robot not built by human hands even though the golden mind was taken from kane when you defeat him that still don't mean that he cant be recreated as one of the golden giants of El dorado which could be later on in the game.

Salty Jack Dennis
Level 70 Swashbuckler

Jul 27, 2012
Greetings Jack... yes, the field for speculating what is going to happen after Chapter 15 is wide open, isn't it? Kane expresses his wish to be re-fashioned in a body like that his mind previously inhabited in El Dorado, a body not 'made by human hands' (Which is a pity, since his humanoid body was very beautiful and graceful.) And as far as the being that once had the golden mind (and heart), I am reminded of the legend of the Talos (or Talus, depending on the translator).

According to the Greeks, the Talus was an enormous automaton who several times a day circled Crete (the most superior civilization in the world as far as the pre-Classical Greeks were concerned) to protect the island from invaders... and pirates (hmm, sound familiar?). Talos, in a muddled sort of way, was also identified with the Sun god of the Cretans (an interesting parallel to Gazpacho's story). With his beyond-superhuman strength, the Talos would throw giant boulders at foreign ships (an effective discouraging tactic); with his non-living body, the Talos could deal with difficult opponents by jumping into the fire to heat his bronze body and then fatally embrace his enemies (ouch). The Talos was nearly immortal with only one vulnerable spot... but his end was eventually accomplished by magic and trickery (courtesy of Medea, aiding her sweetheart Jason).

But as far as Queen trying to get to El Dorado to help make Kane what he really wants to be? My speculation is: no. She seemed awfully pleased at Kane's demise, frankly. And think about her position. Kane's favored creation, yes, but only as far as she was useful and obedient. After all, could anyone argue with Kane? He's the most perfect being in the Spiral, so he has to always be right! It must have been nerve-wracking being his courtier. But now she is free to follow her own agenda, not Kane's. She can be the boss of everyone now. I really doubt she wants him back - especially if she had any hand in rigging his fate!