A new swashbuckler in the 5 Pirates of Dream? RP

Dec 11, 2010
Dead-Eye Tyler Collins was sitting in his office when a young girl arrived.

Tyler Collins : "I been expecting you"

Melody Collins: "Yes I am here for some sort of group named the 5 Pirates of Dream?"
Tyler Collins : "Well yes, also something about you seems strangely familiar, and our last names happen to be Collins. Are you perhaps?
Melody: "Actually that is why I wanted to join, I want to join you dear brother"
Tyler Collins: " Wait your my long lost sister? "

and more to be continued soon :D

Stat sheet for Melody Collins
Class: Swashbuckler
Who raised her: The warf rats of skull island (Born sneak)
How she lost her parents: Storm (But its always confused how their parents died, so they just assume that they were brought back to life, but then they died in 2 different events in different ships)