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Your epic moments in PvP.

Nov 23, 2019
Hi, I just came out on top of a PvP match, and that got me thinking if you guys had any epic moments that you would like to share. Please use this post for your epic moments, and nothing else.

Oct 28, 2017
Hey man, this is Loyal Devin Xavier and you asked if anyone could go over their epic moments while doing some PVP. I wouldn't say this is an epic moment, but definitely a very ehhh, interesting one.
In August, I was in a Skype call with some friends, Reckless Christopher, and Bloody Mason Mickleson. Mason and I were doing a 1v1, I think it was late night since there was no one on, if not, it was like sundown then. During the 1v1, I had total control of the match vs Mason. He made a lot of errors like letting me Zeal early on, him messing up his Pirate's position, basically just out right slaughtering the poor man. It was me flawlessing him almost which was cool. As things went on, it was my character, Contessa, and my Commander Emmett still alive. Mason kills Contessa with his super charge power from his weapon since I popped gallant defense so I can save my protection and so he couldn't kill me or my Emmett first. Keep in mind I still have 4 forts, absorb, and a krakens left in protection so I decided to pop the Krakens Lament since Contessa died, and used Emmett's super hit on his character. Mason decides to use another Leviathan Call since I forced him to waste 4 rounds of his old one.
So, it's my turn now. What I was going to do was, since my Emmett has Overwatch 3 and call to arms on, I was going to have Mason go through my character to try to kill Emmett. I have Hold The Line granted from my pet, so as long as my character was in front of Emmett, there's no possible way he could get to my Emmett then. So, without thinking, I move in a certain direction so where on accident, my character runs into Mason's Hold The Line 3, and reduces my dodge. I was screaming in the call, because I realize I am probably now dead if Mason has Reckless Frenzy. Mason had Frenzy in his hand and uses it, I die, and Chris and Mason are laughing so hard because I kept making "funny noises" while I was dying from the Frenzy. I got so mad, I punched my wall and Mason and Chris heard it, they probably thought it was a Nuclear bomb that landed on my house, the wall fell apart. It's like a 4 by 4 inch hole so I didn't think it was too bad, just put a picture over it and no one will find out.
I ended up telling my Dad about it and oh boy, that wasn't too much fun. So, I ended up settling on paying for the hole in the wall. When my dad tried to fix the hole, I must of punch too hard that multiple layers of the wall got destroyed, so it was so difficult that my dad just said "Alright, I can't fix this. I'll take your money as your punishment then. Do it again, I dare you to." So, I still have the hole in my wall since I guess we can't fix it, so I'll always have to look at that hole for another 3 years when I wake up in the morning lol.