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Witchdoctor Companion and Synergy

May 23, 2015
I am getting very frustrated and the state of PVP. It seems every class has companions that complement their strengths except for witches. You give Grim and Mormo Intuition which we have to spend 3 talent points into for it to even be effective for trying to catch a sneak attack leaving us coming up short on other talents. OK so what about range? They both are terrible even with 3 points in them. Without the 3 point in Improved Mojo they can't even get near a musketeer not to mention melee can stand right next to Grim and he gets a super weak Jobu? Yes he still fizzles he can't hit the broad side of a barn. His one will boost is the only thing he is good for still. Give him some mournsong or something. Single target damage options please.

Musketeers get agility boosts, unlimited super strikes and bombs and with chantal how we suppose to compete. Their team is all happy gun owners with burst burst burst. Throw in El Toro and accuracy so many non stop crits.

Privateers have so many buffs I can't name them all. I can't complain too much they need help as much as we do but at least they have good synergy.

Swashbucklers please. Agility, Accuracy goes hand in hand with their entire team. Not even going there.

Buccanners the same with strength bonuses ans chained hits with never ending criticals.

The thing is WHY must we resort to using melee or gunslingers for companions? I can't give them anything that would benefit them nor can they really give me anything. With the exception of El Toro Accuracy and Dodge should not even have to apply for spells. Does weapon power even do anything for us if we hold a wand or staff? Even super one hit wonder Kan Po uses agility why not make it will based. Every companion that uses will and I have tried them all like Catbeard let's say just can not hold up with their weak talents. We are forced to use companions that do not provide stats that benefit us as well and I should not have to play an extra card wasting a turn or rely on some pet power to give bonus stats for strength or agility. Lets's get to the drawing board and do something about it and quick before this season is out. I am only asking you improve our magical friends to be on par with the rest. Grim and Mormo are our starter companions and should be as powerful as fan, chantal, pete, or baroness. Bonnie and Kan Po and El Toro are good but the all use agility and I don't lets make a change how about it.

Apr 28, 2014
I agree WD companions are quite underwhelming... they do decent damage but, as you said, their range is terrible.
I think impoving their range would be a great step toward their usefulness, and I can sense people would use them more because of only that. I think *at least* range 5 for any WD companion would be good.

That said, I dont agree that WD pirates have nothing to boost companions, they have jojo's, which increases any companion's main stat. How nifty is that? While other classes have to stick to a single stat, WD can boost anyone, which is a great asset.

And I could name a few will-based companions that are pretty good, sure their damage is a bit lacking, but with your jojo's and Carcarius' will buff, they would crit quite often. I'm privateer and use many will companions so yeah.

May 23, 2015
I would also like to mention that I have been using Grim and it is so nice to watch Peter Quinn just walk past him without any readied spell going off and with Intuition 3 even. Then he fizzles twice in a row. He has one signature move and once that is used he fizzles twice before biting it. Really? Mormo dies first attack didn't even get to cast anything. I can guarantee you neither Mormo nor Grim can take out an opponent in one hit. How many times must we go over this. PVP has evolved to become about who has the most accuracy and with all the debuffs going on you can't even get a non critical white hit from a companion caster.? That is so lame. I am about to give up with PVP this season there is absolutely no point I am all the way back down to Brawler after 150 games played. You promise you are going to give us something useful in the message boards but I don't see anything being done. I am sure I am not the only witch in this game that feels the same way. IF accuracy is SO important then why do casters have the least of it. IMO spells should not be based on hit versus dodge. Every other spell we have WILL hit maybe not crit but hit, How come white damage hits fizzle? How come I never see any melee or guns miss? Yes they can be dodged but they rarely miss. Explain this. We certainly don't have gear designed for us that include accuracy. Nearly every piece of gear has magic resistance, will, or health unless you want to use guns. Is that what I need to do be a witch gunslinger so I can have a few pieces with added accuracy or dodge and throw out will. PVE is one thing but we can not hope to go very far in PVP without some major changes. I know you guys had a long weekend but I expect a reasonable response to this inquiry and an expected time frame to fix us. Please.