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Well this is unfair:(!

Sep 06, 2014
Ratbeard on May 30, 2014 wrote:
Why not just agree before the match whether or not Doubloons are allowed?
some people don't have text chat

Sep 06, 2014
Ratbeard on Nov 11, 2014 wrote:
Personally I think pvp should be banned entirely for all the animosity and mess it causes.

The PVP halls are clearly marked with a big sign over the door. You can effectively ban yourself by simply not going through those doors.
then whats the point of pvp

Dec 16, 2012
swashy202 on Jan 7, 2015 wrote:
then whats the point of pvp
People like to have battles and its great to have a place to battle where you don't loose companions.

Dec 16, 2012
Gruesome Richard on Jun 2, 2014 wrote:
The thing with doubloons is that it truly is optional. You are not forced to used them and neither is your opponent. But compare that to a situation like this:

You and I are having a sword fight. I have 2 swords, but I do not have to use both. You have 2 swords, but you do not have to use both. But wouldn't it be logical to gain an upper hand by using both swords?

The same applies for doubloons. They help you gain an upper advantage. However:

In the same sword fight scenario. I put the effort to work and earn money to buy a second sword. You did not put any effort in trying to bring a second sword.

Now you're the one at a disadvantage, simply because you did not put the effort to gain an advantage.

Note: These examples are not directed to any one in particular.

Simply put: Don't want to get doubloons? Don't complain if others do put the effort to get them. You have just as much of an opportunity to get the doubloons that your enemy has. I don't see any unfairness in putting effort to gain a smart advantage in a PVP match.
But here is the thing, your analogy is a bit off. its more like:
2 people put lots of time into get those swords, but when you pull it out, there is a 20% you will get a mojo reaver, and a 20% chance you will get the default wooden sword. The randomness is the main problem.

On an unrelated note: can treasure doubloons NOT appear in PVP at all? This really makes no sense.

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
Pickletastik on May 30, 2014 wrote:
Really! The doubloons are out of hand, they've taken the whole pvp section and turned it into a unfair mess. I have them but still! 800 health a turn really? They shouldn't be aloud in pvp. Its just unfair I can deal with nausica but really? PvP is a mess... Like really. A guy spammed no not one no not two About Seven Aquila summons on me!! And for that I lost. Doubloons were a ok idea, For PvE but pvp just no.
Well, doubloons and pvp could still be considered as new, and there is still plenty of time to make changes. But for the time being, there should be a rule system where both sides of the teams decide whether or not it is aloud.

Sep 19, 2012
wow just chill

#1 ok now doubloons vs no doubloons, easy... decide before the match, and if the other player renigs on it then use yours too!

#2 you dont have to be friends to trade doubloons, so ask sweetly if others would be willing to trade some before you go inside the doors

#3 surprised i not hearing about level difference in here, because that makes a bigger difference, and use of doubloons can give a lower level a fighting chance

#4 this is practice pvp so everybody should be trying to learn strategies and good gear companion choices that work for their personal style

#5 a general ban doubloons would be silly, though in future ranked tournament could be designing some as "classic style"

#6 we are PIRATES not wizards so a little bit of rougher brawling seems predetermined ya?

#7 ranked and tournaments will cost crowns per day and match or member and crowns for a single tournament...sorry thats reality, so be prepared for it

#8 by all means buy every chapter/zone but, again remember members will get things that others dont, you want more worlds etc? well it costs money for KI , the employees gotta eat too

#9 membership is cheap 6.95 a month, McD's costs more than that for a lunch combo meal, why not support the game we all love? instead of letting it burn in flames and get deleted because we too greedy?

#10 sorry i went off on a tangent, however pvp is gonna be fun, best enjoyed with friends, and as long as people learn respect everybody should be fine

stormy jen silver