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Tips for defeating classes!

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2013
On witchdoctors try to focus on killing them fast they may mojo you but be ready have shields on and a good amout of will on your side. Privateers - simple kill them and kill them quick it may be hard to get rid of the shield but thats what bonnie is for she can burst fire that shield out.
Swashbucklers - Knock out any companion that can heal before anything since your a team of four you should tent to do a split 2 on the healing companion and 2 on the swashbuckler.
Bucks - Bucks tend to do some damage buffs and protection I would suggest to use range attacks to kill bucks
Musketeers - Will like they say kill fire with fire I suggest using some range attacks when you run out make sure you don't fall into a overwatch trap or even just a trap and use your direct attacks on them!

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
My PvP Guide: (more suitable for witchdoctors)


El Toro - (recommended epics) Riposte2, Relentless, and first strike.
Ratbeard - First Strike3, Halt, and repel boarders
Bonnie Anne - Overwatch, Quick draw (maybe remove Quick draw and get Overwatch2), burst fire2, and stock assault.

As a witchdoctor I prefer two melee companions - El Toro and Ratbeard, who both can definitely create a continuous kill crazy chain, especially against ones with vengeance strike, first strike, relentless, or repel boarders. And my trustworthy musketeer, Bonnie Anne. She is a Nausica magnet and once Bonnie takes a huge toll from Nausica, I heal and go in for the kill (use stock assault on her). To me, this is the perfect team.


-I would ALWAYS do Great Juju first and maybe do a Big Juju the following turn.
-Do your summoning spells - Don't do your five skeletal army, save it.
-Next, mourn song attack the companions with the least lives (always kill the companions in this order: Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Privateer, Musketeer, and Witchdoctor).
-Once you move closer and the opposing team moves, strike like a cobra on the damaged one. Don't take a risk and make it a priority to aim for one at a time. Get in range too.
-Always save the pirate last. Charm him or her so you can get help or heal. See this topic for more powerful ideas: Your Favorite Class Powers.
Do the really powerful witch powers and once the pirate is a lone survivor, do the skeletal army and kill.
-Finally, say "Good Game!"

Good Outcomes:

1) You win with all companions alive but damaged - I've done this against a max level Swashbuckler.
2) You win with one or two companions.
3) You win pirate against pirate and you were on the edge of dying - This happened to me once against a witchdoctor and we were doing some cheap moves, debuffing and doing some lower leveled powers. Now that is a really good game.

Golden Chris Silver - Level65 Witchdoctor

P.S. Maybe I sold hav mad own tred call "class guide

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Sorry about last post. Ran out of characters.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Mine wasn't really about tips for defeating classes.

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
Hello david percy don't be mad when i say this but i made a longer topic that is about how to defeat pirate classes lol