The potential of Pirate101 PvP

Oct 11, 2009
When people discuss what needs to be added to PvP on Pirate101, we usually think of the obvious things that should be added: Ranked matches, organized matchmaking, Arena Tickets (someone on here said they should be called Dabloons. Genious!), Tournaments, and other things.

Some people have thought outside the box and came up with game modes for PvP: Normal, Free For All, Hardcore modes, Only pirate game modes, and loads of other awesome ideas.

What I've realized is that unlike Wizard's dueling circles, Pirate's battleboards are almost never the same. This opens a wide realm of opportunites for unique PvP battleboards.

PvP battleboards could range from a huge battleboard where Musketeers and Witchdoctors shine, to a small one were the close quarters can easily work to a Swashbuckler or Buccaneer's benefit.

The PvP battleboards could have dynamic environments (like fire or spikes that hurt you when you step on or near them) and interact able features (like cannons that fire when you hit them, or powder kegs that explode when you shoot them).

Each PvP battleboard can have different features (like a huge field with nothing in the way, or a battleboard with a huge column right in the middle) that require different tactics and strategies for each one.

These unique PvP battleboards can be inspired, or even taken from battleboards in quests (maybe the room where you fight Gortez in the Valley of the Gold Monkey, or even the volcano bridge from the Volcano! dungeon).

Before each PvP match, we can vote on the maps (or they can be chosen at random).

New maps can also be brought into the game over time, so that way players wont get bored of the ones they already play on.

That's my vision of Pirate101 PvP in the future.

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011