The best gear?

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
Hey, i wanted to make a thread where people could share the gear they have for pvp, and we could give advice and our opinions on it (sounds cheesy i know, lol). So here's mine.
My best geared pirate is definitely my privy. I only got to level 45 recently, but so far i have:
Dragonfire Jingasa: 83 health, 12 armor, gives "Great juju".
Sohei's O-Yoroi: 86 Health, 35 armor, gives "Vicious charge"
Dragon's Feet: 11 Will, gives "Leviathan's Call"
Excorcist Ring: 86 health, gives "Assassin's Strike"
Pathfinders token: 55 Health, gives "Rally"
Kanushi Beacon: 86 Health, gives "Assassin's Strike"
So what do you think? Anyone else have some good gear they use in pvp? Let me know!

Merciless Jean Percy, 65
Merciless Cass Spencer, 45