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Ship pvp please?! =)

Petty Officer
Sep 17, 2011
Any chance of ship pvp ever making it into pirate101? PLEASE? The pet pvp is fun so far, the player vs. player pvp is in need of much improvement so isn't really an option for me personally but I would so love to see ship pvp in pirates. I feel it would be a lot of fun and add an extra dynamic to the game that pvp'ers could potentially really enjoy. After all this is a pirate game, pirates don't just battle other pirates on land. =p Just an idea/inquiry, not sure if anyone else has asked about this already or not but I'm sure plenty have probably thought about it.

Feb 15, 2014
instead of companions we could have all our ships

First Mate
Mar 30, 2011
Don't worry, the P101 team are probably making plans for it already, it's one of the most requested additions to the game, so I have faith that it will be a real feature soon enough!

Nov 03, 2012
This has been a commonly asked addition to Pirate101. I think they are going to make Ship PvP but I don't know when. Hopefully in the next update.

Feb 15, 2014
Petty Officer
Jun 13, 2013
It would be fun if there were two teams of ships attacking each other.

Jan 12, 2012
I think that they would probably need to add a little more depth to Broadside combat first. All it is right now is clicking on your powers, waiting on the cooldown timer, and then clicking them again. I mean, right now if two Aquila Galleons with similar gear both fought, the outcome would be determined by luck alone.