Ship P.v.P

Jun 28, 2012
Hey...A couple of friends and I form PIrate101 central came up with the idea Ship farming. We thought this would be really cool.

Quote From Cedric Young-
I think you do start a lot of posts with I think. :P And I think that Ship PvP would be pretty cool. If it did come out, it would probably come out when Ranked PvP does come out (Pirate vs. Pirate). And I agree with you that some powers don't seem that helpful in PvE, but they would help in ship PvP if it did come out.

Quote From Me-

I think Ship PVP would be so cool! I think it will come out soon because there are the moves that affect multiple people. I think the move that deals 2x damage to all nearby enemies really isn't useful in PVE, but would be great in PVP. I think it would be awesome to battle other people ship wise. I think i began every sentence in this post with "I think" :P.

It would be cool if there were different modes. Like Free For all...Team Deathmatch. Elimination.

Ooh! How About Capture the Flag.

It would be like each team has 5 turrets guarding the flag. You must take out the turrets. Once you die you have to wait a minute or so to re-spawn. There can be boarding. And the first one to succesefully get the enemy flag to there base wins.

Quote from Serpent-
I have an idea to how they would do it: a dock would be added to SI. Players would go there and stand on a sigil, like normal PVP. When the battle started, all players would be transported with their ships to a small, closed-off skyway. Your allies would have green names above their ship, and your enemies would have red names. Boarding would be allowed, but only as 1v1 for now. When you are defeated, you are transported to a spectator stand that you can exit at any time. There is a life fountain there if you get defeated via boarding. Or they could start out not allowing boarding, who knows. What do you guys think?

I would really like a KI member to respond to this. Thanks!

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
Maybe instead of teams, you would just have to defeat all ships, players could help each other, and the last ship standing would get a prize. On another thought the ship with the highest nautical level would always win, but this is a cool idea.