pvp wrap up.

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
ok then! I am seeing way too many pvp post so... I'm gonna wrap up some things i've heard for you guys!

- swashbucklers shoulden't be un-hidden from musketeers using bombs

- ship pvp

- adding 4 vs. 4 to house pvp

- more companions giving buff

- [ ship pvp ] ship capture the flag [ as well as others ]

-leveled pvp

- ranked pvp

-more brawlin halls

-no lasting pvp damage/dead companions

- pvp realm

-free for all pvp

- pvp skyway

thats it for now, YOUR WELCOME


Jun 08, 2013
You did forget one thing, the annoying

-Privateers only, -Musketeers only, -Swashys only, Oh you get the point

anyways those posts are annoying