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PvP skyway?!

Oct 15, 2012
i agree ki should make it however i would like to add a bit to it
two words...PVP FRACTIONS
the different classes would be the fractions and there would be 5 islands for each fraction for example
the buccanner isle:danger island
musketter isle:gunn's old shoals(you know like captain gunn)
privatter isle:her majesty's royal beach(because the commodore is marleybonian)
swashbuckler isle(my class):port knife
witchdoctor isle:dead cove

Gunner's Mate
May 13, 2009
Oct 15, 2010
Dr Zeppers on Apr 17, 2013 wrote:
I am pretty sure KI intends on pursuing ship vs ship (ie ship pvp) battles at some point, however that will likely be quite sometime in the future.

When/if they do, I would hope it be totally separate from the regular game, basically like practice PVP is now.

I would not want there to be any pvp areas in the PVE game, just ways of porting to PVP areas to pursue that activity if desired.

I played a pirate mmo in the past where ship PVP areas mingled with PVE, and PVPers would mercilessly pick on PVE'rs that had to travel close to do their PVE tasks. Couldnt stand that, as the PVP people were mean, getting their enjoyment out of making PVE players miserable. Rather pitiful.
I also think that KI has something like this planned. They have stated several times in several places that they are not done with the PvP updates.

Feb 11, 2013
Good idea, but, it should be in a special dock so other player ships don't sink the trespasser's (if they are crossing it to get to somewhere else). so on the ship pvp dock it goes around this special skyway for pvp, and you have the choice to board them or sink them. at the entrance of the dock(in front of it) there will be an extension and on the middle, and at the end there is 6 white circles and you go up to one and press x and you will stand on one and a 15 second timer will appear. once the timer runs out another one appear(for 8 seconds) and a message will pop up saying *Your about to fight an epic battle. Unbottle your ship quick!* then you click unbottle ship and select your ship you will use in the battle. it will teleport you on to your ship (that you selected) once the timer runs out. does anyone think that its a good idea?

Benjamin Level 33 Musketeer

Mar 26, 2012
Guys stop saying Corsair's Cover, it would be unfair to the low level people who are going in there for Bonnie Anne's first promotion and the main storyline for Flotsam Skyway (aka Chapter 1 Treasure Hunt!) because they will be the lowest level ships and if there are any high level ships in there when they sail into the channel its a total death for them. Think about the low levels next time, most are noobs to PvP.

Cass Underwood Lvl 54
Ryan Underwood Lvl 16
Andrew Underwood Lvl 11
Caleb Underwood Lvl 5
Brandon Underwood Lvl 4
Samuel Underwood Lvl 3

Petty Officer
Jun 09, 2009
I agree with this, we should make one right in Skull Island!

~Noble Mistydove, level 65 Swashbuckler

Apr 15, 2009
Oct 12, 2012
Well to solve some problems couldn't they add windlane you know the colored things in a skyway. But I agree ship pvp could be fun. It would be fun to team up with friends and go like 8 on 8.
Practical Kai Chamberlain Privateer level 50
aka Commodore Koi

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
tdude10 on Apr 7, 2013 wrote:
I say in corsairs cove!

musketeer Silent Tyler
They can't do that in Corsair's Cove. Players who are searching for Gun's gold, or promoting Bonnie Anne, would get bombarded by ships.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Lily Evans on Jul 5, 2013 wrote:
They can't do that in Corsair's Cove. Players who are searching for Gun's gold, or promoting Bonnie Anne, would get bombarded by ships.
I agree. That is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Not good for all the noise and confusion of ships battles. We pirates need our safe places to rest up and recharge our souls.

Petty Officer
Jul 06, 2013
it would have to be same connection and same level type to work and same ping too

Sep 08, 2011
Sounds like there should be an additonal dock on Skull Island. There would be one of those PvP matchers to choose who's ship your up against. A ship would have to be unbottled to enter.

Aug 01, 2012
Mar 17, 2011
Mar 17, 2011
ship pvp epic ideal! its the best ideal I ever heard if we could ship pvp it be so cool I just wonder would we be able to bored there ship to fight if we were lose in the ship battle if so that be even cooler and would it have a thing so we could fight a ship are lvl so it be fair and we would not just die if we were say lvl 16 and are emie was lvl 56 but I love the ship pvp ideal who ever makes it is so cool!