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pvp problems

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
i was wondering if the sigils for pvp could be colored, red and blue, so when pirates are lining up they could see how the match up was going, as it is...

time after time, players line up and without communication time the battle is always one sided, everyone chose red and one chose blue, or visa versa

its not much of a battle with 3 or 4 against one!

with colored sigils at least we could see what side needed a player!

also, i was waiting to join a match, the game in progress stalled, where no one could make a move and no one would flee, time ticked on and on, other players came and went, waiting for this match to end, perhaps a bug not sure why it happened, they tried to explain it to me, a player was somehow invisible and still in the game?, but not really there, he left or dc'd or what i dont know, it was stunned to say the least...these players were prepared to stand there for hours, what was the sense of it? just stubborn i guess, but the point is...maybe a timer should be implemented that would kick in after a certain amount of time if no moves are taking place.