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PVP needs to be organized

May 09, 2014
I think they need to organize the PVP like the old wizard101. Add some daggers floating in the air . Then press x and choose how many players you want in the battle. then wait till you have everyone. So much more organized.

Oct 28, 2012
You said it, we were all thinking it, pal. I'm also pretty sure KI also wishes to do that at some point in a combat update, because I've been on their games for awhile and they like keeping updates in the same category separately. But to be honest I think the pvp system is more fair on Pirate101 than on Wizard101 due to Wizad101 letting you use treasure cards, so the majority of those supposed kings of pvp were made with somewhat of an unfair advantage. So yes, Pirate101 really deserves a more organized pvp system like it's sister Wizard101.

Nov 25, 2012
It seems sometimes like you need to be at level cap to avoid higher level pirates joining and kicking your butt. The one time that a level 65 doesn't join is when a level 7 joins and you kick their butt, without getting in any good battling. This is exactly why we need ranked.

But also factor in how many more people play wizard than pirate. It's already difficult to get enough people for a match in wizard, imagine how long you will have to wait in pirate.

I think KI will rank the PVP when enough people play P101. I am looking forward to it.