[PvP Movement]: Youngblood Legends Lv 7-Max

Oct 26, 2012
Hi. This is NOT a PvP group, but a movement. It is called the Youngblood Legends. Youngblood Legends is a movement that helps and develops players that are level 5 or higher. Youngblood Legends does not have specific meeting times or does not follow a guild like system. Anyone can join or teach the Youngblood Legends.

Goal of this Movement:
To make experienced players (aka level 20) teach less experienced (aka level 11) players how to develop and improve PvP skills. You can help any player and or ask for help anytime any day to be a part of young blood legends. It is also built not to exclude most of the community, since most PvP groups only accept players level 40+, 50+, 55+, 60+ or Max.

Reason for Name:
Youngblood Legends refers to time. Youngblood is a fancy, cool sounding word for the newcomers and those who are about to begin thier exciting adventures. Legends are for those pirates who have reached a fairly high level and player for a while. Mixing Youngblood and Legends shows that the movement accepts players of all ages.

Why not level 6 or below:
As fun as PvP is for the newcomers, you need to develop various skills and generally improve your pirates performance (note that level 7 is not at all difficult to obtain). This will make it easier for coaches to develop your skills and teach you about general strategy for PvP. Also level 7 does not take a long time to reach, so just spend a day or two playing and you can join the movement!

Coaches Rules:
If you want to be a coach you have a pirate either equal or 1 or 2 levels below or under the following levels: 15, 30, 40, 50, 65. Coaches should generally know all pirate classes really well. They should also have a good understanding of strategy for each class. Coaches should teach students how to PvP in thier respective levels. Coaches can also be students too!

Student Rules:
Listen to your coaches. Dont be afraid to give coaches tips as well, anyone can learn!

-No discouraging of students or coaches!
-No discouraging of oppostion in PvP (even if they say bad stuff about you, and you gotta a report button)!
-Respect to all!
-Help make everyone reach thier best!

Remeber anyone can join, any can teach, come join the fun today!

Sep 17, 2011
This sounds like a really cool group.. er... movement. I would love to be a coach, but sadly, I'm not experienced with many of the other classes besides Swashbuckler. ._. I'd be happy to learn though with my other pirates. So far, I think only three of my pirates meet the level requirement and are not level 65, my Privateer, Witchdoctor, and Musketeer.

I wish the movement best of luck.

~Quick Pearl