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PVP ideas, probably already stated

Dec 30, 2011
Hey all, just an idea i am sure has been said already, but wanted to throw my two cents in. My first pvp encounter kind of bummed me out. I joined a battle my buddy invited me in and we are both lvl 25, me a privateer and him a swashbuckler. We ended up against 2 lvl 50's and were demolished. Needless to say i think that when a team steps on the sigils, they enter an "arena" type area, like in wizards but could be a beach area or monquiestin ruins or something, and the team they fight is a team of equal lvl.

I know the development team knows this issue, i have seen Ratbeards post about it but even when trying to be friendly with other players to set upa decent battle, there is always one or two people that are trouble makers and try to mess up the fights or become a hassle.

Thanks KI for allowing us to test this pvp for ya. But consider myself out untill the paring up against other teams is fixed. Still love the game

Alexander Voss
Flint Moone