[PVP Group] Legacy

Jan 21, 2012

Legacy Introduction:

Legacy was created by 3 young adventurers, Ian, Carlyle, and Grace Everhart. We are seeking to find loyal,

active, strong players throughout the skyways. We are looking forward to have you.


Legacy is a strong PvP clan, but we also like to farm, or just chill and hang out. We hope to rise to the top one

day and become one of the greatest clans of Pirate101.


Legacy is trying to find players above level 40+, Must have some knowledge about PvP, Each new recruit will

be tested just to see how you are doing.

Legacy Motto:

"When you've told someone that you've left them a legacy the only decent thing to do is to die at once."


Ian (MrSpoon)


Carlyle (RipShred)

Apr 19, 2012
Hmm....pvp clan eh? Coolness. I enjoy pvp and leave a trail of broken pirates behind me where ever I go. Perhaps we should hook up.

Wicked Erin, Self Appointed Unlimited Class World Swashbuckling Champion Supreme

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
i'll love to join! lets just say someone in that group is my friend... grace is my friend

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
I would love to join your clan! I am able to beat most pirates( Not the ones with a full set of valor's armor and sometimes a Musketeer or rarely a Witchdocter )
I have done pvp ever since I started playing Pirate101. I hope you take my application to join Legacy at upmost importance.

Jacob lvl 65 Swashbuckler Dehydrator( The hydra not me) Completed the game as well.

And my time zone is EST just in case.

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
Hmm, i'm a max SWASH and i may be interested in joining, how do I?

Nov 28, 2008
Oh boy. I've been looking to join a clan since Olivia told me about them. Carlyle it's me Kelsey Radcliffe! XD Ha how informal of me. I'm level62 now and I'd love to join if you give me a shot (but don't tell 'Livi I don't want her stalking me for the sake of her "job" haha).

Jan 27, 2009
why not. once you complete the game PvP is left right? might be nice to get into the whole competitive aspect of it. Two-faced Jordan Lv.63 Musketeer

Sep 09, 2010
I would love to join but the question is how do I join .romantic rebbeca ivring level63 .

Dec 23, 2012
Hey wat gives Ian don't leave out your old buddy Ruthless Caleb Gunwale or Carlyle wat ever one of you are posting this lol Iam just joking its great to see you put legacy up here but you guys need to start playing more i haven't seen you guys in a lot I beat Mooshu with out you it was boring with no one to talk to Well hope we get some more members and you guys better start playing more

Aug 01, 2012
Can i join if the clan is still together

Name: Smart Dustin Jones

Level: 55

Class: Swashbuckler

p.s my time zone est just in case we have meetings or gatherings or something

Sep 09, 2010
krokotopia pirate on Aug 4, 2013 wrote:
I would love to join but the question is how do I join .romantic rebbeca ivring level63 .
I changed my mind I am not joining because I am already in a clan