Purge Magic Glitch

Dec 05, 2009
There is a glitch in purge magic. When it is activated, it is supposed to remove all buffs from everyone on the board. Purge Magic only activates though if someone next to you has a buff on, then it will remove all buffs on the board. If you use it when no one near you has a buff, but people on the other side of the board do, your character will pass instead of casting it. I also noticed another glitch. I had a few will buffs on myself, and a swashbuckler I fought made his team go hidden with a spell and had a lot of other buffs, such as accuracy/dodge and agility. I used Purge Magic, but it only took my buffs away and left the all of the swashbuckler's buffs alone, including hidden (which I think may prevent a person's buffs from being taken when it is active as a possible explanation for this glitch). These glitches need to be fixed to make the spell work as intended and be worth using.


1. Remove all buffs on the board no matter how far away someone with a buff is from you.

2. Actually remove ALL buffs (Yes, that includes hidden).

Purge Magic is not supposed to remove all buffs on the board.

It has a radius of 3 squares.

This information will be shown on the card when we next update.