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Playing Ranked Champions

Nov 21, 2010
Oran from Urz on Oct 29, 2015 wrote:
This is exactly how it works.

The term KI used was something like, "an uneven ranked PvP match is still better than getting no match at all"

I agree with that KI statement for differences in rank, since a brawler might just have the same skill as a champion....just not as many matches. However, I disagree with large gaps in player levels getting matched together.

I typically do PvP at max level, so that isn't an issue for me. I have heard that others below level 65 will leave a queue after a certain period, given that the chances to be unevenly matched in levels increases the longer you stay in queue.
Hello Oran,

I am quite satisfied with your argument.

I am lvl 65, and sometimes it takes an hour before I get matched, and that is when other 65 lvl players are in 1v1 queue. I got bored sometimes and just log off, completely missing a chance to play Ranked PvP for that day.

For now, there shouldn't be rank restrictions, at least till the crowd gets bigger.

And yes, they should tighten the matching system so there isn't huge gap between levels that are being matched.

Stubborn Duncan Freeman