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Pirate Talent active in PvP?

Aug 13, 2009
Hey Guys,

I thought I read that the Pirate talent is active in PvP. Does this only count for Pirate Rank 1? Or is it not active at all anymore?

I've done some basic testing with my Swash for damage, and I didn't even see the Pirate Rank 1 damage being active there.

Additionally, any time I hit late game (run out of powers), I can't hit the broad side of a barn. Surely, if my Pirate Rank 3 stat was active, the 50% accuracy boost would be a big help. I'm almost certain that it's not active though.

What's the word on this, was it turned off?

Dec 18, 2012
Of course "Pirate" is not active in PVP since PVP arenas aren't on a boat, this is all i think .