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My hopes for practice PvP

May 02, 2010
First of I am glad to see KI starting with practice PvP and want to say thank you for not rushing. To the rest of the community out there this our big chance to make sure the class balance, crowns vs dropped, pets and any other issues are ironed out before any kind of ranked, ladder or tourney system is ready. My biggest hope is that KI and the community at large take this chance to create a balanced environment where players can compete evenly whether they have chosen to buy most of their pvp items(be it gear, companion or pet) or gain their items via in game efforts. I also hope KI gives us plenty of time to play with practice pvp before they release a ranking system, ladder or tourney system for pirates. Good luck and happy testing!

Dec 04, 2008
I love the PvP in this game its just that it takes forever to wait for a battle to win and get in. Can you please add more rooms or something for PvP? :)

May 10, 2010
Well, PvP has finally arrived to Pirate101!!!

I can see that KI has been paying attention to a lot of things and are trying hard not to make the same mistakes again, great job KI.

Turn Based System, I absolutely love it! Yes, battles may be a bit longer this way, but it keeps things a bit more fair and truly does not give out a first turn advantage to any player.

Musketeers in PvP! Oh a very good class to pvp with and difficult to defeat and can manage against any class in the game. Might be a tad overpowered, but just by a little bit.

Just an example, my level 50 Musketeer fought a level 50 Swashbuckler and a level 46 Witchdoctor and Won the battle. Of course, I was down to 246 health, but I still won the battle. I did have a level 16 something on my side when it started, but they only had 1 health and was taken out immediately!

Witchdoctors in PvP! Another good class to pvp with, who also can be very difficult to defeat and can manage against any class in the game. Another class that might be slightly overpowered, but just by a bit.

Have not tried my Witchdoctor in PvP yet, but I have observed many other witchdoctors playing and fareing quite well.

SwashBuckler in PvP! I love the fact that they gained Riposte!!! I also love that Hide in shadows and Walk in Darkness is now 2x damage, although, without truly being invisible and AOE spells making them visible again, that is the only drawback to this class, although with the buffs and attack cards, it can be overcome if played correctly.

Have not played my Swashbuckler yet either, but have seen them do some serious damage and fare well in PvP.

Buccaneer in PvP! Oh my, where to begin? Love that they can move far and can block melee damage severely for themself, they also get double bladestorm and double vengeance, but with all the dodge and health, it is very difficult for them to hit anything, although, I did destroy another level 50 Buccaneer severely with mine, but I was totally pwnd by a witchdoctor. We have no super attacks or area of effect attacks and our buffs dont work the way they should. They are definitely underpowered in my opinion!

Privateer in PvP! Well, in team play, they are awesome, I can say that much. They healed and used Barrage and stayed in the back just boosting others and healing. As far as 1v1, I am not sure how well they will fare yet, I have not gotten to play against one yet. I will test out my friend QueQueg tomorrow against my Musketeer, Buccaneer, and Witchdoctor and let everyone know how it goes.

The Traps are bugged and can cause you and your companions damage and major lag problems, but other than that, there were not too many other problems, except that you did not gain full health when starting a new battle.

All in all, I currently think, this is a great start for the way PVP should be. Way to go KI!

Just my opinion.

Just wish my Armadillo pet was not so nerfed, love the second talent, but hate seeing him hit so much!

Jan 29, 2010
Nice review, Darthjt. I haven't had a chance to PVP yet, but I hope to try it out in my Volcano Island house soon.

Mar 26, 2012
So your the level 50 I went up against yesterday in the Spar Chamber.That was a good battle for something in testing.I have to give Kingsisle props though for the new colors if you pick red team.

Cass Underwood Lvl26
Ryan Underwood Lvl 6

Oct 27, 2009
Privateer is just...weird? The pirate it self won't really do much damage but the stat boosts, heals, and the valor's line are pretty sweet :). I'm seeing a lot of room for countering enemy plans in privateer.