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Musketeer PvP

Jul 27, 2013
Hello everyone, this post is dedicated to musketeer pvp in particular,ranked. I have a max musket and am stuck at veteran. I would love some tips, strategies, or gear sets on ranked pvp. Any advice is helpful, thanks in advance!

Mar 27, 2014
now i am am gladiator (not going any farther so dont ask) but after so many trial and errors at different strategies i found that acting like a privateer worked best. shield the daylight out of Nausica then send her in. it worked majority of the time. other strategies i tried were:

a load of bombs.

barricade and camping.

shielding self and shooting it out.

shields on Contessa or Milo.

Scratch was a must for every strategy i did. he helped with everything. bombs, shields, and walls. it is also best to have a pet with Scent 2. to stop any hiding bucklers.

Petty Officer
Dec 26, 2012
I recommend using Chantal/Scratch/Nausica or Contessa for companions.

Chantal is a monster with Burst Fire 2, Overwatch 2/3 and the optional Quick Adjust and that's not even accounting for her sniper shots. So she's your main damage option. This companion is highly recommended and is a good pick for pretty much every battle.

Scratch is for better absorbs and his boosts that he gives to your bombs. But he isn't absolutely necessary either. I've won many games without having to even use him.

Nausica is by far the best counter against other Musketeers with True Grit 3 and she's still a strong pick even without fighting a musket since she can get Burst Fire.

Contessa with First Strike 3 is mostly used to counter Buccaneers that rush you since you can use Gallant Defense with her to protect you and this also works for for Swashbuckler's that use Black Fog.

Musketeers heavily rely on their companions so you need to protect them but also protect yourself at the same time because a dead captain is almost always a losing match. So you need mix up offense AND defense whenever possible.

Bombs are used for controlling the area and to make a person not approach you since they'll obviously take damage if they walk through the bombs. Also try to use the bombs to trap the opponent since they both can't approach you without taking damage because of this. However if they shield themselves then you need to either: Take out the most deadly threat (Ex. A swashbuckler captain that is trying to rush at you) or focus on the weaker companions that AREN'T shielded.

What gear do you use? Because Musketeer with Overwatch 5 can be scary to deal with and it'll help me know what you could improve on.