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More Brawlin' Halls?

Nov 28, 2008
Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums so, if you can, hold back some of your criticisms if my suggestion is used lol. I was chatting with a relatively large group of friends (and other random players) today about PvP after a match and we all sort of agreed that PvP is pretty stinky right now ha. Not that the combat system isn't great it's just, it is very time consuming trying to wait for a match to finish so you can start a new one. I'm not sure if the devs of this game have announced any PvP buffing or not but I figured it would be worth suggesting an idea anyways.
How about more Brawling Halls? I'm not saying that we should have a dozen Brawling Halls in Skull Island cause there's not enough room for that but why not have a Brawling Hall (for every hometown I guess you would call it) in the worlds of the Spiral. This way only players of a high enough level can battle in that world. This way it makes a sort of hierarchy of Brawling Halls. Skull Island would be free to all players lvl1-MAX, Monquista would be open to all players lvl10-MAX, Valencia lvl20-MAX, Cooper's Roost lvl30-MAX, and so on.
Of course this wouldn't completely rid us of the problem as lower levels can simply teleport to a higher leveled friend but, it would be PvP combat more accessible for those who enjoy it and want to participate. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? (Ironic how I've been saying that on multiple forums like this and now it's finally in-theme )

Jul 09, 2009
PvP is currently in it's beta stage. The reason the arenas are like this is to test PvP balance as well as class balance. The PvP areas will change to be similar to the ones in W101 once Ki has released Ranked PvP, which I think might be soon!